Best / Top Cydia Themes for iPhone and iPad

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Many people are interested in changing their iPhone/iPod themes, once they have jailbroken their devices and installed Cydia. I already did that so I decided to help you decide which themes to choose. As you probably already know there is an advanced theming platform for jailbroken iOS devices, which is called DreamBoard. There are people who use WinterBoard but, as far as I know that one is limited, thus I advise you to go for DreamBoard.

So, let’s talk about the best Cydia themes for iPhone and iPad that I know. I will start with Endroid DreamBoard Theme, which is a free theme. Using it is fun because you will own an iOS device with Android running on it. Enjoy!

If you are a big Apple fan, I recommend you AppleWEB V2 DreamBoard Theme. Your device will look like the Apple website, as you probably guessed from the name of it.

Have you ever heard of BlackBerry 6.1 DreamBoard Theme? If you have an iPhone but you like also the Blackeberry phones, now you can have both. This theme will make your iOS device look like as there is RIM’s OS installed in it.

I also tried the Apple Desk Ultimatum, a theme that showe me a desk with Mac and other accessories. It seems very interesting.

There are also some paid Cydia themes and one of them is BoxorHD DreamBoard Theme, which is not expensive and it has many features like Live Weather, WebWidget, Rotating RSS feeds reader, Wallpaper Switcher etc.

These are the some of the best Cydia themes that I can recommend until now. I am planning to use more in the future and I advise you to do the same. Enjoy your iDevice’s different looks!

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