Cydia And How To Download Cydia Apps

Cydia download center is a 3rd party independent app developer for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Cydia is very much like Apple’s App Store, allowing you to download all kind of cool apps, tweaks and useful programs. More than that Cydia is also a great addition to the App Store as you have the possibility to install certain apps and programs which are unavailable or restricted by Apple, thus allowing you to benefit the most out of your iDevice. For example Apple doesn’t allow users to change themes on their iPhone, but in Cydia download center you can find a great app called “Winterboard” which allows you to install lots of themes on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Most Cydia apps can be downloaded for free; however there are also certain apps that require a small fee.

I know that all this Cydia stuff looks great for you, however there is also a catch. In order to get Cydia on your iDevice you need to jailbreak it first. Jailbreak is the process by which you pass Apple’s protection and gain full control over your iDevice, thus allowing you to install whatever you want on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. The main reason of why people choose to jailbreak their iDevice is to fully customize it by installing Cydia apps, tweaks and programs that are restricted in App Store. Nowadays the jailbreak process has been simplified a lot. There are plenty of jailbreak tools available on the web at the moment, you simply download one that has support for your iOS version and you will jailbreak your iDevice in no time. However you should choose the untethered jailbreak, because if you choose the tethered one you need to plug in your iDevice and redo a few steps every time it runs out of battery life.

When you open Cydia download center you will notice 5 main tabs: Home, Sections, Changes, Manage and Search. In “Home” you will find some sponsored apps, account information and some important settings. In “Sections” you will find all the Cydia apps divided into categories. In “Changes” you can find the newest apps and tweaks. In “Manage” you can add sources and repositories, remove programs and access all of your storage. In the “Search” tab you simply search in Cydia for a certain app or program. You should know that not all Cydia apps are 100% safe, because every jailbreak app gets approved. To avoid installing malicious apps on your iDevice you should install apps and programs only from trusted repositories such as BigBoss or ModMyi. For those of you who don’t already know a repository is an online hub where developers publish their apps for easy access and installation.

In the closing line I would like to point out some really helpful tips that newbies might not know. First of all you do not install Cydia. After the jailbreak process is complete the Cydia icon will simple appear on your iDevice screen. Payments on Cydia are easier than you expect, you simple login with your Twitter or Facebook account and pay with PayPal or Amazon gift cards. I will now recommend you some really cool Cydia apps and programs that I personally love: Winterboard, FaceTime 3G, ScrollingBoard, MultiIcon Mover, Hands-Free Control, BiteSMS, IntellyScreenX, Multifl0w, SBSettings, iFile, StayOpened.

Weblin- A different Cydia Store alternative

I am sure that almost all you know what Cydia is and what it means. However, just to make myself clear, I want to tell you several thing concerning Cydia and its use before starting with the point of the article. First, Cydia is an alternative for the App Store, a virtual platform that gathers a multitude of apps and tweaks ready to be downloaded. There, users are able to find many useful programs that normally would cost on the App Store. Moreover, it has become the main alternative for downloading apps, tweaks and programs. The only condition imposed by Cydia developers is the fact that Cydia Store works only on jailbroken devices. So, if you want to get Cydia, you need to start jailbreak first. Recently, we have a new Cydia alternative available for use. It is about the Weblin, the platform where you can find also a lot of apps and tweaks. It looks in a certain manner just like Cydia; this is why it is called the Cydia alternative. However, Weblin is somehow different. It does not reach the level of Cydia and it does not offer the same options and possibilities as Cydia does. Apparently, Weblin […]

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Best iPhone Apps for News

I know that all of you love to stay in touch with the latest news and updates offered by the greatest publications of the world. Facebook or Twitter is not enough if you want to know what happens with the political system or with your favorite artist. In this way, if you want to stay connected to the world, you need the best iPhone app for news on your device. FlipBoard is one of the most used iPhone apps in order to read newspapers and magazines. Since it was originally designed for iPad and its large display, now it became accessible on iPhone. Using this app, you will have all your favorite magazines and newspapers in one interface with all-important updates gathered together. Zite works pretty much the same. It gathers the most important news for you and displays them into categories. Once you sign in to your account, you select your interests and the app will show you what it may look suitable for you. News is available in a variety of topics such as Art&Culture, Politics, Celebrity and Business. CNN Mobile is offered by the great CNN television motor that gives us two versions: theUS version displaying news […]

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Best / Top Cydia Games for iPhone and iPad

Cydia is an application that allows users to install third party apps and tweaks for their Apple devices. If you want to find out more impressive Cydia apps and programs, you should definitely browse Cydia for them. However, it is worth mentioning the fact that you need to jailbreak first, and then you can make use of Cydia. The jailbreak process brings you Cydia automatically and with no extra costs. On Cydia download, users have the possibility to find amazing free Cydia apps, tweaks and programs. In the same time, I want to tell you that Cydia is also known for its options of entertainment. Beside these music apps, camera tweaks, on Cydia download, users can find and download the best games on the market. It is simple to entertain using your iDevice, especially when you have a platform containing all these great possibilities. For example, if you are a game lover, here are some games you can find on Cydia for download and install on your device. I am sure that most of you find some spare time when the iPhone or the iPad becomes our best friend. In the same time, I am also sure that some of […]

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Cydia Store vs. App Store

I am sure that Cydia is no longer an unknown domain. All over the internet, people are able to search and find much information relating this topic. In the first part, I want to make things a little bit clearer in what concerns Cydia and jailbreaking. For those of you who still do not know, jailbreaking is the process through which users are able to remove all restrictions over their Apple devices. This means that users will have access over the operating system and they will be able to perform many changes. On the other hand, Cydia download is an alternative for the App Store, the app platform developed by the Apple team. I say that is an alternative because it does pretty much the same time. In fact, they are quite different one from the other. Both of them offer users the possibility to download useful apps, tweaks and programs to install on their devices to make them more powerful and more useful. What is different is the fact that Cydia download also gives us the possibility to download and install many apps free of charge or with a small amount of money. On App Store, you need to […]

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